Giải đề IELTS Speaking ngày 14/05/2022 - BC Thụy Khuê 6 ilp

Trong bài viết này, chúng ta sẽ cùng tham khảo cách Giải đề IELTS Speaking ngày 14/05/2022 – British Council Thụy Khuê. Chúc các bạn ôn luyện IELTS thật tốt nhé!

Đề IELTS Speaking Part 1


Giải đề IELTS Speaking ngày 14/05/2022 - BC Thụy Khuê 1 ilp

  • Do you work or study?

As of now, I’m currently a sophomore at ILP University, it is one of the most prestigious institutions, not just in HCM City, but also well-known across the nation as well. I major in English Language and I aspire to become a capable linguist in the future, as it is my absolute dream to travel to worldwide.

  • What subjects do you study at school?

The curriculum at ILP University is intensive, with a plethora of different subjects that cater for different aspects of the language. It’s going to take an eternity to list them all here, but to name a few, we take on subjects such as Morphology – where we learn how to pronounce words, Syntax – how sentences are formed, Semantics – how words and collocations are used, and the likes.

  • What did you enjoy about studying those subjects at school?

Those subjects really open my eyes. They gave me deep insights into how the language works, and show me a lot of mistakes that I have made throughout my use of English that I have never taken notice of since I was a youngster. Besides, the lecturers of these subjects were also incredibly nice and friendly, and that had also left a lasting impact on me as well.

  • How do you think this subject will help you in real life?

They have already proven to be such a huge boon for me, as I am currently a teacher of English, and they have aided me greatly whenever I’m planning for lessons, and they also taught me to look through every nook and cranny of my language usage, both before and during classes, to make sure there are no mistakes.


Từ vựng

Nghĩa tiếng Anh

Nghĩa tiếng Việt


very much respected and admired, usually because of being important

uy tín, danh giá


able to do things effectively and skilfully, and to achieve results

có khả năng


someone who studies the structure and development of language, or someone who knows several languages

nhà ngôn ngữ học


a very large amount of something, especially a larger amount than you need, want, or can deal with

sự thặng dư, số lượng rất lớn


time that never ends or that has no limits

tính vĩnh viễn

open my eyes

to make someone realize something surprising or shocking that they had not known about or understood before

sáng mắt trước điều gì


used for saying that something is very difficult to believe

thật là ngạc nhiên, bất ngờ


something that is very helpful and improves the quality of life

lợi ích


a small space that is hidden or partly sheltered

góc xó xỉnh


a small, narrow opening in something solid

vết nứt


Giải đề IELTS Speaking ngày 14/05/2022 - BC Thụy Khuê 2 ilp

  • Do you have a talent or something you are good at?

Yes. I’m quite good at math and most things related to math, such as creating budgets, calculating investment returns, and so on. I think it’s a useful talent because it helps me manage my personal finances.

  • Was it mastered recently or when you were young?

I don’t think I would ever become an expert at it, but I found out about it when I was young. Everything just comes to me naturally and I have always been attuned to Mathematics.

  • Do you think anyone in your family has the same talent?

Surprisingly, no one shares the same talent with me. So, it is not something that runs in the blood. Because they all hate math, they often come to me for financial advice.


Từ vựng

Nghĩa tiếng Anh

Nghĩa tiếng Việt

personal finances

the management of your or your family’s budgeting, spending and savings while planning for your financial future and risks.

tài chính cá nhân


a person with a high level of knowledge or skill relating to a particular subject or activity

chuyên gia

runs in the blood

to be innate, as of a skill or quality; be characteristic of a family or passed on from one generation to the next

di truyền, bẩm sinh

Mobile phone

Giải đề IELTS Speaking ngày 14/05/2022 - BC Thụy Khuê 3 ilp

  • What was your first mobile phone?

In middle school, I got my first mobile phone as a birthday present. It’s a Nokia, so I have developed a great love for the brand Nokia, and that’s why I still use Nokia now. I think Nokia can type messages very fast.

  • Do you often use your mobile phone for texting or calls?

Whenever I have something to discuss with my family or friends, I will use the mobile phone. Or when I want to search for some information, I will get on the Internet by mobile phone. I use it every day, and I cannot imagine a life without a mobile phone, I may not lead a normal life with it.

  • Will you buy a new one in the future?

Of course, I will continue using mobile phones in the future, because I cannot leave a mobile phone and lead a normal life. But maybe one day I will change my Nokia for the iPhone since it’s so popular nowadays.

  • How has your mobile phone changed your life?

My basic mobile phone was it enough to change my life. It kept me connected with my family all the time, but my iPhone is a smartphone and is much more than a phone for mere connectivity. I can check my emails on my phone. I can surf the net on my phone. I can play games on my phone. I can do the calculations on my phone. I can do so many other things on my phone.

  • Can you describe your mobile phone?

Currently I’m using an iPhone. Though it was quite expensive, it came with lots of exciting features and apps. The screen response is perfect and the thumb print works 100% of the time and is really convenient to get into the phone. Besides, the camera is awesome too, and does not have the delay so I can always capture the stunning moment.

Đề IELTS Speaking Part 2

Giải đề IELTS Speaking ngày 14/05/2022 - BC Thụy Khuê 4 ilp

Sample Answer:

I got my first mobile phone when I completed my high school. It was a Samsung S2. My uncle gifted it to me. Actually, he was buying a newer model. I had completed my 10th grade, but my parents would not buy me one. So, I was overjoyed when my uncle gave me his old one.

It’s still within my possession currently. It is a rectangular phone and has a 4.3 inches touch screen display. It is also a combination of a calculator, a calendar, an alarm, a light and some games. Strong backup battery is also one of its strong points.

I am very possessive about my Samsung phone. Hence, I never let anybody touch it.. I use an Airtel prepaid connection with it, and I have to pay from my pocket money. So, I use it very frugally.

It is a very sturdy phone. Many times it has fallen from my hands, but it did not break and works perfectly well. It has a camera of 5 megapixels on which I capture some photos of my friends and family. I had taken many selfies with it. I use many applications like whatsapp and facebook to stay connected with my friends. 

There are many newer models now, but I am still quite contented with it. I will buy a new cell phone only after I go abroad for my higher studies.


Từ vựng

Nghĩa tiếng Anh

Nghĩa tiếng Việt


the fact that you have or own something

tài sản, vật sở hữu


shaped like a rectangle

giống hình chữ nhật


paid for earlier

trả trước


in a careful way when using money or food

không lãng phí


physically strong and solid or thick, and therefore unlikely to break or be hurt

cứng cáp

Đề IELTS Speaking Part 3

Giải đề IELTS Speaking ngày 14/05/2022 - BC Thụy Khuê 5 ilp

  • What are the advantages of smartphones these days?

It’s undeniable that people can derive substantial benefits from using mobile phones. Smartphones are excellent choices for the general public when it comes to studying and working. For example, they can access Youtube and watch short comedy videos on one cell phone. Their batteries can be recharged while doing these tasks, allowing them to study or work more effectively.

  • Do young and old people use phones in the same way?

 It is not usually the case. When it comes to the ways they use their cell phones, there are clear differences between the younger and older generations. In terms of utilities, mobile phones play a much more important role in the daily lives of the youngsters than those of the older generation. Unlike their predecessors, young people are constantly on their phones, not just to make calls and texts, but also to snap pictures, watch videos, set up meetings, etc. As far as frequency goes, younger people tend to use their phones more frequently.

  • Many people think mobile phones can be annoying at times. Can you give any examples of that?

I am one of those who find a mobile phone annoying at times. Hi-tech devices have never been my thing. Although I appreciate the development, there are also problems that they create. It’s annoying when people always glance at their phones while talking to others. The inattentiveness makes me feel offended. It can also be distracting and unprofessional when your phone buzzes during a meeting.

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of old people using smartphones?

Face-to-face conversation is the way I prefer to converse with somebody because I believe it’s more personal. With the popularity of mobile phones, people no longer spend time with each other and continue to neglect their loved ones. It is necessary to have phones, but they shouldn’t cause obstacles between people.


Từ vựng

Nghĩa tiếng Anh

Nghĩa tiếng Việt


certainly true

chắc chắn đúng


If a battery recharges, it becomes filled with electricity so that it can work again and if you recharge a battery, you fill it with electricity.

sạc lại


a person who had a job or position before someone else, or a thing that comes before another in time or in a series

người tiền nhiệm


a lack of attentiveness (as to children or helpless people)

thiếu chú ý, lơ là


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